Apartment Kod Kraljevih

Apartment “Kod Kraljevih” is located in the center of Gola, not far from the border crossing Gola-Berzence. It is a nice combination of a traditional and modern, which makes it a pleasant and attractive place to rest. The name means “at the King’s”, but it is not related to anything royal, but the surname of the owners family. The Apartment is new. Opened in August of 2018. and provides its guests with accommodation in two spacious bedrooms, with a capacity of 5 people. The accommodation is bike friendly, and besides accommodation offers beauty services of hairdresser’s salon “Centar”.

Guests can enjoy the cultural offer of Gola, from we highlight the Old School Gallery, which is located across  the building, the Gallery of Ivan Vecenaj Tislarov, the doyen of naive art, writer and collector of the local ethnographic treasures. One street away, there is the birthplace of Ivan Vecenaj Tislarov, which today is Ethographic house Vecenaj, under protection of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Croatia. Just a few pleasant kilometers of driving throuh the natural landscape is the Art Center Jeskovo, the river Drava, the Sculpture Park of the famous people of Podravina and the Ješkovo lake.

Nearby there is a unique village Zdala, in which the locals speak partly Hungarian language and Stokavian dialect, in the traditional Kajkavian region. There are other interesting places like Novacka, Otocka, Gotalovo… then beautiful ancient forest Repas, Cambina lake which is protected natural landscape,  and in the forest near Novacka there is hidden remains of a Franciscan monastery known as Pepelara. The legend said this was a home of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

It is not far away Soderica lake, for which you need to cross to the other shore of the Drava river accross the bridge. Gola is a village that loves the storks and many other birds, and birds love Gola so their nested their nests all over the village. The inhabitants of Gola are ingaged in agriculture and they are wide known as excellent cattle breeders. People here still like to eat traditional food, so we recommend visit Gola.

Nearest airports: Fly Balaton – 56 km, Zagreb airport 90,4 km

Distance from the cities: Koprivnica 26 km, Đurđevac 29 km, ZAgreb 126 km, Virovitica 67 km, Čakovec 68 km, Varaždin 76 km, Hlebine 26 km, Pècs (HU) 112 km, Budapest (HU) 249 km, Vienna (AU) 283 km…

The bedrooms are located on the floor of the house. On the ground floor is situated the hairdresser’s salon. Rooms are therefore not suitable for disabled people because of the stairs. Pets are not allowed.


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Apartman Kod Kraljevih

The bedrooms are located on the floor of the house. On the ground floor there is a hairdresser’s salon. Rooms therefore are not accessible to disabled people.

Room capacity: Bedroom 1: 1 x 2/1

Bedroom 2: 1 x 2/1, 1 x 1/1

A total of 5 people can be accommodated.

Possibility to use a baby cot.

Nice equipped kitchen

Clean and tidy bathroom with shower and toilet

Living room

Tv in each room

Bike friendly

Stjepana Radića 1
+385(0)98 926 4070
+385(0)48 625 112