Enter Croatia

For easier and faster crossing of the border of the Republic of Croatia and to make our guests aware of the epidemiological measures in in Croatia, the website has been created. By filling this form online, the process of crossing the border is reduced to a minimum time.   At the same time, all those who fill […]

Help the little terns!

Dear lovers of nature and the Drava River, Ambassador of the Drava, the little tern, needs your help to make her stay at the bars of our river comfortable and, above all, safe. Each year in the spring little terns return from Africa, where they spend their winter, and then stay, during spring and summer […]

Entering Croatia with booking confirmation

Dear guests, we hope you are well in this challenging times. We are looking forward to things getting normal and to welcome you in Croatia as our guests. The pandemic situation in Croatia is very favourable and central Podravina has been corona free for quite some time now. As a result of this we have […]


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